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Product Information

The Han-de ligature® is a synthetic, woven material in a white or blue and white braid made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene [UHMWP]. It is also supplied with two stainless steel toggles.

The Han-de Ligature® can:

  • Save you money – One, multipurpose device saves you buying different surgical devices for each procedure.

  • Save you time – Surgical techniques using the Han-de Ligature® are simple, quick and effective. All the parts you need can be on your shelf, sterile and ready to go.

  • Increase your revenue – The simplicity of the techniques may encourage you to increase your surgical repertoire.
The case of a male, two year old cat below illustrates these points.


  • Strength
    This type of ligature is the strongest biocompatible suture material on the market; 2.5 times the strength of the equivalent sized nylon.

  • Abrasion resistance
    This ligature is five times more resistant to abrasion than standard polyester material.

  • Fatigue resistance
    This material has high fatigue resistance to cyclic loading, unlike orthopaedic wire which fails quickly.

  • Low stretch
    When loaded about 3%

  • Soft, flexible and easy to handle

  • Good knot strength


  • The veterinary market is now offered several brands of UHMW polyethylene ligature. All brands of this material use the same fibre to construct their braids, so equivalent sized braids have similar strengths. Each brand quotes the straight tensile strength of their ligature as a selling point, but this can be misleading.

  • The tensile strength of the ligature alone does not determine the success of its use in the patient. The size of the hole in the bone [the smaller the better], the strength of the anchor, the strength of the knot, the amount of abrasion on the ligature and the cyclic loading all influence the ultimate strength of the implant.

  • So the in vivo strength of the implant is often lower than the quoted tensile strength.

  • The Size 1 Han-de ligature® with toggles has been laboratory tested to give an average strength for the whole device of 20kg/44lb [18-22kg].

  • Our recommendation is that the Size 1 ligature can be used on cats and small dogs up to 10kg/22lb in weight.

  • However, the final decision rests with the surgeon when they have considered the loads in the area where the ligature is to be used, the activity level of the animal and the likely compliance with post op. instructions. If a stronger implant is judged necessary, the surgeon can use a second ligature of the same size or a ligature of a larger size.


  • All UHMW polyethylene ligatures /sutures are woven as a braid. All braids have a higher risk of harbouring contamination than monofilament or coated suture material.

  • The Han-de ligature® is supplied to you sterile. It is washed after manufacture, laboratory tested for contamination, sterilised by the ethylene oxide method, batch tested again for sterility, then double wrapped in a sterile pouch.

  • Precautions should be taken to prevent contamination after the sterile pouch is opened.

How to reduce contamination during surgery

The major source of contamination/infection is the skin. To reduce the risk we recommend the following.

  • Do not allow the braid material to touch the skin.

  • Use waterproof drapes around the surgical site.

  • Use an adhesive, transparent drape over the incision site.

  • Pre-place loops of strong suture material [see animations] through the bone tunnels before opening the sterile pouch.

  • Change to a new pair of powder free surgical gloves just before you handle the braid.

  • Do not open the sterile pouch until just before you use the ligature in the patient.

  • Use pre and post surgery antibiotics.


The Han-de Ligature®

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